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Public Companies and Large Clients

In recent years the firm has started to develop a specialism in dealing with UK subsidiaries of international companies and very large public company clients.

The services that we offer fall into two categories:

1 – The audit of UK subsidiaries of quoted international groups

We have a number of clients quoted on overseas stock exchanges for example Japan, Sweden and the USA.

These are multi-million pound turnover companies with the group audit carried out by one of the big four firms.

Typically they have a UK subsidiary turning over one to thirty million pounds. These subsidiaries are not material to the group results in most cases and they find it difficult to get the hands on help that they need from the international auditors. They appoint us to carry out the UK audit, accounting and taxation function and provide the practical day to day help in running the accounting function needed by a smaller or medium sized company.

2 – Small jobs for big companies

We also have a number of very large UK clients where the main audit is carried out by one of the big four firms of accountants. However, this leaves a variety of services which doesn’t need the firepower of one of the big four firms. For example the audit of smaller non-material subsidiaries, routine tax compliance work and assisting with the routine PAYE and VAT queries that arise throughout the year.

This gives our clients the benefit of a big four firm when they need it and the personal high value service that can be provided by a smaller firm.

For these clients it is a question of having a toolkit so they can choose the right tool for the job.