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Helping clients make money and save tax

About Us...


At Shea & Co, we base our professional relationships with clients on one simple assumption: All our clients are interested in achieving their full potential and making more money, saving tax and structuring their business so they have more free time.

Our response to achieving this is a six-point action plan:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Eliminate waste
  • Maximise profit
  • Minimise tax
  • Prepare for the future
  • Make business more enjoyable

This plan is developed and implemented by us working with the client as a team.

Having prepared the plan we break it down into achievable goals that we work on through regular meetings with the client.

Working with how many millions?

We work best with businesses of between £1 million and £30 million turnover. In fact, the majority of our clients are owner-managed businesses with a turnover of about £5 million. By specialising with this size of client, we have been able to develop a range of services tailor-made for each client.

International Businesses and PLCs

However, we also do work for much larger international companies and listed PLCs, but only on highly specific briefs, for instance, we carry out internal audits for them and review the management figures for head office. We are well paced to provide a fuller accountancy service for their UK subsidiaries. Much of the work we undertake for PLC’s is basic tax compliance work and the audit if none material subsidiiaries which does not justify the cost of a major audit firm. We are one of the very few independent firms to be registered with the PCAOB to undertake audit work for the UK subsidiaries of quoted American companies.

Adding Value

We pride ourselves on our skill and ingenuity in counting beans. But, as you will have gathered, we offer far more than that.

Take the annual audit, it has to be done, but for most businesses the money they pay their accountants for carrying out the audit is dead money, there is nothing constructive to show for it.

So, to make your fees really work for their living, we have developed a unique annual Business Review to identify where you can save tax and make more money.

The Business Review

This is the main process for finding ways to help you and your business. Every year, as part of our normal audit procedures, we will sit with you and review your business with you in a structured format seeking ways to help you improve your business efficiency or save some tax.

The areas covered by our review are :
        – Your Business Goals

       – Marketing and Sales

       – Management Information

       – Tax

       – Business Efficiency

       – Directors and Shareholders

As a result of this process we have many examples of clients improving their business processes, boosting profitability, and saving tax.